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Our Staff

The key to our ongoing success has been our talented, dedicated, resourceful team working to ensure that your event exceeds expectations.


Steve Miller
General Manager

Steve is the General Manager for both Glass City Center and Huntington Center arena. He's been in Toledo since 2008 and assembled a great team to take care of clients and guests. Most memorable: “Completing the $70 million expansion/renovation of the convention center. The Grand Ballroom opened in August 2022 to rave reviews and has made a major difference in the way organizations view downtown Toledo.”
Tracy Roberts
Executive Assistant

Tracy is Executive Assistant to General Manager Steve Miller and the unofficial “nerve center” of the entire organization. Each day brings new experiences for her. She is immensely capable and enjoys coordinating with the GCC team as well as meeting and talking with new people. Most memorable: “Being recognized by the organizations and people that I work with every day is very rewarding. It's a great place to work.”


Carol Dupuis
Director of Sales

As Director of Sales, Carol is the main point of contact for meeting, expos and tradeshows. She enjoys that each day is a new experience working with so many diverse groups. Carol's most memorable event was a gala with 2000 attendees with Margaret Thatcher as the speaker. As well as working with the Scotland Yard was a unique experience.
Emily May
Sales Manager

As Sales Manager, Emily is often the first contact for event and wedding planners. She follows up on leads and books events, supporting the team to make sure things go smoothly. She enjoys being able to show people the beautiful new ballroom and loves the fun and tight-knit team in the office. Most memorable: “Working from the start on one of the first weddings here and seeing how happy the bride and groom were.”


Troy Roeske
Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, Troy helps promote different and diverse events to bring people downtown to attend concerts and expos at the arena and convention center. He assists clients with Radio, TV, Print, Social Media, Digital and Outdoor advertising. Most memorable: “The Weak Signals convention and expo brought over 10,000 people to the downtown convention center each day for 3 days over a weekend.”
Bailee Lane
Digital Marketing Coordinator

As Digital Marketing Coordinator for Glass City Center, Bailee is deeply involved in social media, photography, the website and programming 60+ digital monitors around the facility. She also photographs events and creates digital content. Most memorable: “The Open House which brought thousands thru the convention center was impressive. I started during the renovations so it was very satisfying to see public reactions.”

Event Coordinators

Kegan O'Brien
Event Coordinator


Kegan is an Event Coordinator for the Glass City Center and The Huntington Center. The creator of the vision from the client, he creates the diagrams and makes sure everything is set before the client arrives. He enjoys connecting with his co-workers and meeting people at each event. "Jeep Fest was one of my most favorite events. Being able to see people come from all around the United States to celebrate and show off their love for Jeeps around the whole city of Toledo was an awesome event to be a part of."
Katie Palmer
Event Coordinator

As Event Coordinator, Katie connects with clients to discuss all aspects of their event. Using AutoCAD, the client’s staging vision is solidified.She’s the go-to person the day of the event and relays any requests to the team. She enjoys the variety of events hosted at Glass City Center and Huntington Center. Most memorable: “The public Open House had people telling many great stories of past SeaGate Centre events.”


Greg Setola
Director of Operations

Greg is that mild-mannered guy who’s in charge of keeping things running and getting things done behind the scenes at both Glass City Center and the Huntington Center. His dedicated team does the heavy lifting to make sure everything is staged properly for a wide variety of events and performances. Greg was with the Mud Hens organization in a similar role and enjoys the range of challenges the convention center brings.
Dominic Arvay
Operations Manager

As Operations Manager at Glass City Center, Dominic leads a strong team working towards the goal of organizing, setting up and striking the staging. He’s even on site during events to help solve issues or changes. He enjoys Glass City Center and the ability to have one goal and execute it. Most memorable: “The operations staff and our comradery make coming to work something new and enjoyable each and every day.”

Box Office

Justin Mondine
Box Office Manager

As Box Office Manager, Justin helps provide ticket support for some of the largest conventions and Huntington Center events. He enjoys the variety & diversity of events and being able to meet various show clients. Most memorable: “Dayglow was a late-night techno dance party where fans wore white clothes and were sprayed with various colors of paint. I had great fun shooting paint guns over the dancing crowd!”

Frannie Cruz
Assistant Box Office Manager

Frannie is the Assistant Box Office Manager, helping manage ticket sellers and facility events with the Box Office Manager. She really enjoys solving customer ticketing issues and making people happy since it’s not just a ticket but an experience! Most memorable: “Weak Signals R/C Expo, was North America’s largest R/C model Expo. One year I kept track of what state customers were from and it was 38 states!”
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