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Mid-American Historical Security Councils

Date: Apr 22 - Apr 23, 2023

During the Mid-American Historical Security Councils, delegates are taken back in time to debate a real crisis that the real United Nations Security Council faced in the past.

Delegates represent the countries that sat on the Security Council at the time of the original crisis. The simulation will begin at real point in history around the beginning of the crisis, however, history is not set in stone. Delegates have the opportunity to follow a path similar to reality or to break new ground in working towards an alternate conclusion to the crisis.

Delegates are expected to act according to the policies of their countries at that point in history.

To prepare, delegates should understand:

  • How and why the crisis began
  • The results of the actual crisis and how the real Security Council responded (or failed to respond)
  • Their country‚Äôs policy priorities and alliances at the time
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